If you fish a lot like me you have probably fished with the guy that changes his lure every 10 to 15 minutes, he knows that the fish just aren’t eating what he is throwing. In business this is the person who keeps coming up new business and marketing ideas and they never seem to reach their full potential. This person lacks the two most important keys to business success; Confidence and Patience.

I know that if I ever head back home to fish for salmon in Lake Michigan I will fish with a green Northport Nailer spoon with green prism tape, I haven’t fished there in over 10 years but I know they will work. I have absolute confidence in the lure because I have caught a lot of fish on it in the past. I will also use it much longer than other lures in my tackle box because of that confidence.

In business people tend to move from idea to idea because they lack confidence in what they are doing and because they are impatient. In business you need to do the right thing, at the right time with the right people for a long enough period of time. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers he states that it takes a minimum of 10,000 hours to master something. Whether it be fishing, golf or business nothing can help you overcome obstacles like practice and determination.

I have friends here in Texas who are professional fishing guides. These individuals throw the same lures every day from January to April, they know through experience that their quarries food choices switch at this time and then they another lure from April to September and change again. They do this because they have spent enough time on the water and have the confidence what they are doing. As a coach I have seen so many start-up business owners quit after 2000 to 3000 hours of work. They have not mastered their craft and they do not have the patience to continue. They start something new and the same process starts over again.

My questions to you my reader are these:

  1. What skill set do you have complete confidence in when it comes to your business? How long did it take you acquire it
  2. When you wanted to quit, and I know you did. How did you keep moving and how did you stay patient with the process?


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