Despite a plethora of books about building effective teams, leading and participating on teams remains a significant challenge in most workplaces. Following are fifteen questions team leaders and participants should be asking in order to maximize their team performance:

  1. What is the specific, measurable goal that defines team success?
  2. How aligned are the values of each team member with each other and the organization?
  3. How does the team recruit absolutely top notch people?
  4. How clear are expectations about what each and every team member is supposed to be doing and achieving?
  5. How well do team members know and trust each other?
  6. How clear is the path to results?
  7. What are opportunities for early and ongoing small wins?
  8. How well does the team anticipate, avoid, and mitigate risks?
  9. Is communication open, honest, and transparent among team members?
  10. How well does the team acknowledge each other as well as celebrate success?
  11. How effectively does the team clear up and move forward after setbacks?
  12. Does the team know the conversations to move things forward from vision to result?
  13. Do the leaders of the team effectively motivate each team member?
  14. How well does the team handle transitions of team members out of the team? How well does the team help new team members ramp up and achieve performance quickly?
  15. How effectively does the team learn about how it can work together better?

These are crucial questions, and the answers are not always obvious.

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