I challenge you to create an environment of business success and watch the people flock to do business with your and your team

The Fish is the Fish, Because of its Environment

There seems to be so much debate with what is more important, the Journey or the Destination?

I happen to believe it is both. Without having a great destination to travel to, there is no reason for the journey. But for unlimited success to abound, the proper environment must be in place.

As a fisherman, we all have our dream destinations:

• The Great Barrier Reef in Australia for 1000lb Black Marlin

• Guatemala for a shot at double digit Sailfish releases on a fly

• Alaska to catch the mighty Tyee Chinook Salmon

• The Bahamas and Belize for their pristine Bonefish flats

• The rivers of British Columbia for the legendary Steelhead

• Scotland to fish in birthplace of fly fishing

• The Amazon River for record Peacock Bass

• And on and on

The places where the fish of our dreams live are generally some of the most beautiful places in the world. Every one of these fish become much more memorable because of the particular environment where the fish is found and each one takes a journey to get there.

When Chico Fernandez spoke about his favorite fish to catch (redfish and snook in the Everglades) all he could talk about was the occasional struggle to get to some of his favorite fishing holes deep within this brackish swamp. He told the story of poling his son through cuts that were so narrow that their canoe could barely fit. But once they reached their destination the mangroves parted and a fishing oasis appeared.

These back ponds are areas that rarely see fisherman and the fish have seldom if ever seen the flies he and his son would present. The fish may not be the biggest of their species but the journey to get to the particular environment/destination was crucial for success for both the fish and the fisherman.

In business we need to provide environments where people want to work and do business. We want young bright minds to set out on a journey to work with us; we want clients to seek us out because of what we can offer. This is the key to business success.

Tony Hsieh has created such an environment at Zappos. People compete for jobs like no place else and clients do business with them to the tune of $2 billion/year. Tony created an environment that became a destination for both customers and employees.

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